The Galesburg Cooperative Elevator is your full-service agronomy location! Agronomic production inputs available from the Galesburg Cooperative Elevator include: A complete line of crop protection products to help control the toughest pests. Fertilizer products including ammonia, dry, liquid and micros for plant nutrient needs. Seed supply for alfalfa, canola, corn, soybean, sugar beet, sunflower and wheat. Assortment of agronomic services including precision VRT (variable rate) application. Agronomy Contacts: E-mail:  Main Office: 701-488-2216 or 800-269-1524 Galesburg Fertilizer Plant: 701-488-2531, Jason Pladson, CCA Cellular: 701-371-1181, Brady Paul Cellular: 701-289-0118


Crop Protection
If you have a need for a certain product, call the agronomy department at 701-488-2216 or 800-269-1524 or e-mail a request to to get more information.