The Galesburg Cooperative Elevator supplies propane for home heating and grain drying needs! Through forward contracting and prepay purchasing the elevator is able to supply propane at a very competitive price. Tank rental and ownership options are available from the elevator.  



The Galesburg Cooperative Elevator would like to inform the propane customers that all regulators which are 15 years old or older will need to be replaced with new equipment. These guidelines are listed as LP-Gas Code in the NFPA 58 booklet. The propane department will be in the process of replacing these regulators as soon as possible. Current insurance regulations state that out-of-gas customers must be home to allow systems to be pressure tested before relighting of propane appliances can take place. If you are not home when your tank is refilled the valve will be closed on the tank until pressure testing can take place. In your best interest, please call to have your tank filled before you completely run out of propane! American Sensors brand propane gas and carbon monoxide detectors are available at the Galesburg Elevator. Both detectors are 120V units that plug directly into wall outlets. If you have any questions concerning propane or propane services, contact the propane department at 701-488-2216 or 800-269-1524.